Traditional and Modern Hard Cider made from Estate-grown, Heritage Apples

Good cider starts with good apples. Our cider is made from a blend of our organic estate-grown apples, predominantly Newtown Pippin, a heritage cider variety. We allow nature to dictate the style of cider we make on a year-to-year basis. In years with a late harvest and cool winter temperatures, we aim for fermentation over a long period with a slightly sweet to off-dry finished product. In years with an earlier harvest and/or warmer fall temperatures, we target a clean, quick fermentation yielding a dry, crisp cider. Yeast selection and time of racking are adjusted to match what the conditions that nature provides. Our traditional cider is barrel-aged and dry to off-dry, bottled in half-champagne 375mL bottles. Using hard cider produced from the same apples, we also offer modern cider styles that vary year to year; these may include citra-hopped, ginger, or spiced ciders.

Apple Cider Vinegar

We've also crafted apple cider vinegar from our cider. Slightly sweet, but appropriately tart, it retains much of its apple character and is delightful to sip on.

Where to Buy

We host tastings at our ranch by appointment throughout the year. During harvest season in autumn, we also hold open farmstand days where you can stop by our ranch and try and buy our hard cider, apple cider vinegar, or just get some fresh-picked organic apples. We encourage you to bring your own growler! Please check back on our website for anticipated future farmstand days.

Our barrel-aged hard cider can also be found at The Hideout in Aptos.

Please contact us at (831) 786-9039 to schedule an appointment.